Stance Control KAFOs

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Stance Control Orthoses vs. Conventional KAFOs:

Stance Control Orthoses differ from Conventional KAFOs in that they allow for knee flexion during the swing phase and locking during stance phase.

Why Stance Control?

A traditional KAFO can lock the knee in full extension, which provides stability but also causes patients to ambulate with a gait deviation that can lead to overuse injuries due to compensatory measures taken by the patient to ambulate.  This in turn requires more energy to get from point A to point B. 

A stance control orthosis (SCO) allows the knee to bend during the swing phase of the gait cycle and blocks knee flexion for stability during the stance phase. By allowing the knee to bend during swing phase, SCOs allow a more normal gait, which may reduce secondary complications from gait compensations, and allow the patient to walk with less effort.

Benefits of SCOs over Conventional KAFOs:

  • Decreased gait anomalies during swing phase
  • Vaulting
  • Hip hiking
  • Circumduction
  • Decreased pulmonary/cardiac stress
  • Esthetic gait pattern
  • Links / Product Literature / KAFO Guide Videos

    Document Description Links / Downloads

    Aqualine Joint System specification sheet

    Download (PDF | 499.2 KB)

    KAFO Guide Video - Introduction

    Download (WMV | 4.3 MB)

    KAFO Guide Video - Why Stance Control?

    Download (WMV | 8.1 MB)

    KAFO Guide - Free Walk Stance Control KAFO

    Download (WMV | 3.9 MB)

    KAFO Guide Video - E-MAG Active

    Download (WMV | 5.4 MB)

    KAFO Guide - Unilateral Joint

    Download (WMV | 2.5 MB)

    Free Walk Product Link


    E-MAG Active Product Link


    KAFO Clinic Link: Find out more information on this workshop for practitioners.


    Ottobock Academy Courses: E-Learning Link


    KAFO Brochure

    Download (PDF | 930.4 KB)

    KAFO Family Brochure

    Download (PDF | 3.2 MB)

    Clinical Research

    Document Description Downloads

    Clinical Studies and Bibliographies for Ottobock Stance Control Products


    KAFO Overview and Studies PowerPoint

    Download (PPT | 394.5 KB)

    Reimbursement Documents

    Document Description Downloads

    E-MAG Active Reimbursement Information


    Sensor Walk Reimbursement Information


    Image Gallery / Short Product Videos

    Images / Short Product Videos Downloads

    Unilateral joint: product image

    Download (JPG | 373.5 KB)

    Free Walk: product image

    Download (JPG | 169.9 KB)

    E-MAG Active: product image

    Download (JPG | 458.0 KB)

    Unilateral joint: lifestyle image

    Download (JPG | 781.1 KB)

    Free Walk: lifestyle image

    Download (JPG | 1.6 MB)

    E-MAG Active: lifestyle image

    Download (JPG | 1.0 MB)

    Free Walk video: patient walking

    Download (WMV | 2.7 MB)

    E-MAG Active video: patient walking

    Download (WMV | 1.4 MB)


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