Omo Neurexa

Omo Neurexa, 5065 is especially developed for the hemiparetic shoulder. It has an excellent anatomical fit and positions the humeral head correctly to prevent it from being subluxated.

Omo Neurexa.

Omo Neurexa

At a glance

  • Supports and centres the shoulder joint, corrects subluxation and inward rotation
  • Stabilizes the shoulder
  • Reduces pain
  • Facilitates active rehabilitation such as gait training
  • Permits free use of arm
  • Impedes pathological movement patterns
  • PCM-material; a temperature regulating material; soft & comfortable
  • Individual adjustment possibilities



The details make it work

For optimal function of the orthosis the user must be fit with the correct size.
Omo Neurexa is equipped with several details to optimize function; different colours on snap fastener for easy application, different lengths of straps for individual adaptation and good skin coverage for high proprioceptive effect. Both upper and lower arm parts have silicone straps which prevent the orthosis from slipping – this is an important component to really get the lifting effect of the humeral head.

Fitting recommendations

Omo Neurexa has to be fitted by a CPO or therapist. To get the effect of the unique main material PCM® (Phase Change material, a temperature regulative material), Omo Neurexa should always be worn directly against the skin.

High level of Patient Compliance

The wearer comfort is very high. It’s soft and because of its unique material, PCM®, it is possible to wear the orthosis all day long. Machine wash at 40°C is recommended.

Quality for life