3R93 Modular Friction Brake Knee Joint with Lock

Overcome the challenge of providing the maximum stability of a manual locking knee to new users while still offering them a solution for increasing mobility.

3R93 Modular Friction Brake Knee Joint with Lock.

3R93 Modular Friction Brake Knee Joint with Lock

At a glance

  • Versatile – can be converted from manual lock to a friction brake knee
  • Adjustable stance flexion to customize function for patient (up to 5° stance flexion)
  • Packaged with a 2R77 tube adapter
  • Robust 275 lb weight limit
  • Easier access to extension assist adjustment
  • Targeted support for the therapy process
  • Functions are adaptable to individual safety needs of the prosthesis wearer
  • Simplified, reproducible adjustment settings (making the fitting process quicker & easier)


With its innovative design, the new 3R93 can be used as a manual locking knee or as a friction brake knee joint once the prosthesis wearer has regained increased mobility. It offers targeted support for the therapy process following an amputation. The 3R93 is the right knee joint – from the first standing and walking exercises with the interim prosthesis all the way to the definitive fitting!

Recommended for transfemoral amputees with Mobility Grades 1 to 2 – indoor walkers and restricted outdoor walkers – according to the Otto Bock MOBIS® Mobility System. Approved for patient weights up to 125 kg/275 lbs.


VIDEO: Learn how the 3R93 helped Linton get back on his feet.
Optional manual lock funtion.

Optional manual lock function

When the locking function is activated, the lock secures the joint in full extension. A pull cable is used in order to disengage the lock for sitting down. However, the lock can also be permanently deactivated by the prosthetist.

Load-dependent braking mechanism.

Weight activated

With the manual lock deactivated, knee stability is achieved through the brake mechanism that blocks joint flexion when the knee is weighted. At heel strike, the brake responds and stabilizes the prosthesis throughout the entire stance phase. The brake adjustments are clearly marked and easy to access to optimize patient settings.

3R93 integrated extension assist.

Integrated extension assist

The integrated extension assist spring controls swing phase and heel rise. This adjustment is clearly marked and easily accessible on the posterior aspect of the knee.

3R93 Product Specification Sheet

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