Xeleton 50K30 Knee Brace

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Xeleton 50K30 knee brace.

Xeleton — a highly effective combination of protection and anti-migration properties

The clinical incidence of knee ligament injuries is on the rise for both men and women. Anterior cruciate ligament ruptures are the most common type of knee injury.1, 2 In the US and Central Europe, the incidence per thousand people is between 0.5 to 1 ACL ruptures every year.3

The Xeleton knee brace was designed to address this increase, providing optimal rehabilitation support following a cruciate ligament injury, rupture or surgery. Ideal for activities of daily living, such as standing, walking and climbing stairs, the Xeleton’s functional 4-point rigid frame design provides a high degree of stability while limiting tibial subluxation (anterior and posterior drawer sign). Thanks to its anatomical shape, user-friendly design and anti-migration features, Xeleton offers extraordinary wearer comfort. Just ask the people who wear it on the field and off.

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Four Point Principle
In combination with the four point frame system, the strapping system hits the gold standard for preventing migration. The Xeleton prevents subluxation in all directions. The frame encompasses the thigh anteriorly and the calf posteriorly. A custom strap system takes this durable product from off-the-shelf to a custom fit that matches the patient’s indications every time.

Strap Configurations 
 Xeleton ACL 50K30  Xeleton PCL 50K30-P Xeleton CI 50K30-C 
(Anterior Cruciate Ligament)   (Posterior Cruciate Ligament)  (Combined Instabilities)


  • For treatment of ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), collateral ligament injuries (MCL; LCL) or post-capsular-ligament surgery.
  • For conservative pre- and post-operative joint stabilization (e.g. after meniscus repair or meniscus replacement) with limited range of motion.
  • For conservative therapy of chronic instabilities of the knee joint.


Suspension sleeve

 Xeleton Cover

This PDAC approved black suspension sleeve fits under the Xeleton to provide additional wearer comfort and aid in anti-migration. Available in three sizes: XS/S; M/L/XL; XXL/ XXXL. Universal Left or Right.
Also available is a black cover that goes over the Xeleton, providing extra protection for contact sports. Available in three sizes: XS/S; M/L/XL; XXL/ XXXL. Universal Left or Right.




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2 J. C. Hughston et al.: Classification of knee ligament instabilities. Part I. The medial compartment and cruciate ligaments. In: J Bone Joint Surg Am 58, 1976, page 159–172.
3 S. Rupp and D. Kohn: Vorderes Kreuzband im Mittelpunkt des Interesses. In: Orthopäde 31, 2002. Page 701.

PDAC Coding Verification


50K30 Xeleton ACl, PCL, and CI Knee Brace

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