50K30 | Xeleton Knee Brace

Our most versatile brace fits the broadest range of patients and activity levels. The aluminum frame can be adjusted in the field, yet is strong enough for contact sports.

Xeleton 50K30 knee brace

Xeleton 50K30 Knee Brace


  • Low-profile and durable poly centric hinges
  • Strong yet flexible shell design can be contoured for improved fit and comfort
  • Proprietary Technogel condyle pads provide three dimensional pressure distribution
  • Soft foam pads and liner for increased patient comfort
  • Field Serviceable
  • Numbered straps for patient compliance/ease of use  
  • Off-the-shelf sizes XS through 3XL fit patients up to 31.5” thighs
  • Anterior Tibial Migration Pad maximizes contact with the tibia to limit rotation and migration
  • Angled posterior shell rests above the calf to maintain the brace position


  • Standard 15” Length and Long 16” Length
  • ACL and PCL Specific Versions


Indicated for use following injury or repair of the ACL, PCL, MCL, and/or LCL; for conservative pre-operative and post-operative joint stabilization, for conservative therapy of chronic knee ligament instabilities; and for prophylactic use.

PDAC Verified L1845 or K0902

Ordering Description

While standing and weight bearing, measure leg circumferences 6” above mid-patella, knee center, and 6” below mid-patella.


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