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Upper Limb Prosthetics

Image Description Download

Michelangelo wrist up

Download (JPG | 685.5 KB)

Michelangelo wrist bent

Download (JPG | 649.6 KB)

Michelangelo hand up

Download (JPG | 374.9 KB)

MyoBoy trainer

Download (JPG | 240.6 KB)

Boy wearing Greifer fixing bicycle

Download (JPG | 2.8 MB)

Man wearing myoelectric prostheses playing with dog

Download (JPG | 7.3 MB)

Man wearing myoelectric prostheses working on car

Download (JPG | 1.0 MB)

Boy wearing myoelectric prosthesis playing basketball

Download (JPG | 4.8 MB)

Man wearing myoelectric prosthesis in kitchen

Download (JPG | 3.8 MB)

Girl wearing myoelectric prosthesis playing

Download (JPG | 1.4 MB)

MyoBoy Training System

Download (JPG | 474.6 KB)

Child wearing myoelectric prosthesis playing

Download (JPG | 852.5 KB)

MyoSelect Programmer

Download (JPG | 1.7 MB)

Woman wearing SensorHand Speed pouring wine

Download (JPG | 821.1 KB)

SensorHand Speed

Download (JPG | 645.9 KB)

Child's System 2000 myoelectric hand

Download (JPG | 392.5 KB)

Man wearing Transcarpal hand cooking

Download (JPG | 3.1 MB)

Transcarpal hand

Download (JPG | 458.4 KB)


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