Experience the World – The Children’s Power Wheelchair Skippi & Skippi +

Fast and maneuverable – Skippi supports a child’s urge to move. With its many configuration options, Skippi is also an ideal product from a therapeutic point of view.


Experience the World

At a glance 

  • Colorful with easy to master intuitive controls
  • Fits through doorways, scoots down hallways
  • Multiple fitting options to match clinical assessment and child’s daily needs
  • Low profile, quick turn
  • Easy to breakdown – fits in the trunk of a Smart Car!
  • Multiple control choices including joy stick and ASL headarray




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 Meet Ryan and His Family

Although Ryan is just 6, he leads a busy, active life with his family and 6-year old twin sister. From getting ready for school to visiting the park to playing baseball on the weekends, Ryan is on the move.

Using the Skippi power chair with a controller perfectly sized for his hand, he navigates the world. His seating system, the Leckey Mygo, keeps him positioned perfectly to see and engage with family and friends.


 A day in the life: Jacqueline rolls all day long in her Skippi Power Wheelchair
  Jacqueline lives with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Syndrome—and loves her Skippi Power Wheelchair. It gets her from home to school to playground to her cheer team. Follow Jacqueline through a typical, busy day.

Children like getting into things, from tight corners to playgrounds to slipping under the table at school next to a best friend. Thanks to its speed and maneuverability, the Skippi goes right with them. With its many configuration options, Skippi can also be changed as a child’s needs shifts, letting the product adapt to the child, not the reverse.

Multiple Choice

Just like in school, multiple choice makes it a easier to get the answer you want. Seat width, seat depth, leg position and all adjust separately, as can the telescoping leg support. These increase comfort, support, and the ability to grow with the child.

Other choices provide just the right amount of function. For example, optional electric or mechanical seat tilt, electric back angle adjustment, support person control, therapy tray, and seat pan adapter. Various foot rests, head support systems and other wheelchair accessories can also be easily installed or added.

In daily use, parents have the option of adjusting the seat and the backrest for their child - from an upright seating position so that the child is well positioned to take in his or her environment, to a reclined position for relaxation. Parents can disassemble Skippi in a few easy steps and stow it in a car trunk for transport.

>>>Click here to watch a Skippi Power Wheelchair disassembly and reassembly how-to


The standard Skippi power wheelchair allows for maneuvering via a common joystick method. The optimized Skippi + model allows for your choice of alternative drive options such as a headarray, sip-n-puff, etc.

Reimbursement support

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Transportation Instructions for Use
Wheelchair Transportation Instructions for Use.

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Jacqueline's Case Story

Jacqueline's Case Story.
Receive a free copy of Jacqueline's case story.
Jacqueline's Case Story.

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