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Shoulder stabilizing lifts the humeral head and realigns the joint to supports instabilities resulting from neurological disorders.

Omo Neurexa.

Omo Neurexa

At a glance

  • Supports and centres the shoulder joint, corrects subluxation and internal rotation
  • Stabilizes the shoulder
  • Reduces pain
  • Facilitates active rehabilitation such as gait training
  • Permits free use of arm
  • Impedes pathological movement patterns
  • PCM (Phase Change Material)l; a temperature regulating material; soft & comfortable
  • Individual adjustment possibilities


The orthosis can be used during traditional rehabilitation and does not limit shoulder range of motion Specific stimulation for especially weak muscles is possible. Pain is often reduced which can also increase the patient’s activity level.

Good fit and effect

Omo Neurexa has an anatomically good fit and the user becomes more active due to the fact that he or she feels that their shoulder is “taken care of”. The humeral head is well positioned, which prevents it from being subluxated. In cases where subluxation already has occurred, a recovery is possible. Gait training is facilitated through improved body posture and balance. The patient can concentrate on walking instead of taking care of the paretic arm. The orthosis prevents (to some extent) the arm from inward rotation - pathological pattern is impeded.

Use together with rehabilitation

Omo Neurexa does not have to be taken off during specific shoulder rehabilitation and it causes neither limitations in range of movement nor increased spasticity.

High level of wearer comfort

Omo Neurexa is very comfortable to wear, it is soft and because of its unique material, PCM® (Phase Change Material, a temperature regulative material), it can be worn all day long. The material remains cool and helps prevent the build-up of odours. (Machine wash at 40°C is recommended.)

Product Information | Omo Neurexa
Effective pain relief – The Omo Neurexa shoulder orthosis is an effective aid for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from shoulder pain after a stroke or injuries to the central or peripheral nervous system. Omo Neurexa offers effective pain relief by correctly positioning the arm without restricting movement.

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Product information | Neurexa Line
Download the current information about Neurexa Line of Otto Bock.

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Study | Omo Neurexa (Sonderdruck „Neurologie & Rehabilitation“, April 2008)
Introduction of a new shoulder orthosis to treat shoulder pain (PS) in the severely affected arm in patients during early rehabilitation after stroke. S. Hesse, A. Bardeleben, J. Grunden, I. Rembitzki, C. Werner, Medical Park Berlin, Humboldtmühle, Klinik Berlin, Neurological Rehabilitation,
Charité, Campus BF.

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