Ottobock Prosthetic Feet Overview

Use this section to compare and contrast the benefits and features of Ottobock feet – there is a foot available to fit nearly every patient need!

Carbon Prosthetic Feet of Otto Bock.

Carbon Feet

Walking at various speeds, running, climbing hills or descending stairs with a secure, confident stride – these are the complex requirements for a modern carbon foot.

Dynamic Feet 1D35 of Otto Bock.

Dynamic Feet

Feet for moderate walkers - the 1D10, 1D11 and 1D35 Dynamic Motion.

1M10 Adjust | Ottobock.

Adjust Foot

In the 1M10 Adjust, Ottobock has developed a foot that can be readily adapted to the individual needs of the amputee – quickly and easily.

Single-Axis Feet of Otto Bock.

Single-Axis Feet

The single-axis feet make it possible for your patient to quickly and easily reach a secure standing position. We recommend these feet for less active persons.

Chopart Foot Plate.

Chopart Foot Plate

The Chopart foot plate has an extremely low structural height and is suitable for partial-foot amputations as well as Chopart, Pirogoff, or Symes amputations.

1C2 C-Sprint of Ottobock.

Sports Feet

Advanced carbon feet from Ottobock provide a unique option for amputees who participate in high-activity recreational and competitive sports that demand high-impact and excellent energy return.


Terion K2 foot

The lightweight Terion K2 1C11 provides users of low to moderate mobility with confidence at every step.

SACH+ feet.

SACH+ Feet

1S101, 1S102, 1S03 SACH+, the new generation of SACH feet.


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