12K42 ErgoArm® plus

The ErgoArm plus is designed specifically for body-powered prostheses.
12K42 ErgoArm elbow.

12K42 ErgoArm® plus

The 12K42 Elbow Component is made especially for use with body-powered terminal devices. It includes all the great features of the 12K44, except Easy Plug. The two ErgoArm® Electronic plus and ErgoArm® Hybrid elbow-forearm assemblies facilitate myoelectric fitting of high amputation levels. They offer up-to-date technology with the aim of combining low weight and extraordinary function and appealing design. The 12K44 ErgoArm® Hybrid plus is recommended for hybrid protheses with a myoelectric hand and a cable- controlled elbow joint. Due to the integrated "EasyPlug" cable guide, all electric cables disappear inside the prosthesis so that they are inconspicuous and protected.


Infinite Possibilities

  • Engage the unique SlipStop function with a slight pull on the cable.
  • Reposition the arm without fully cycling the lock (only 7mm excursion) and then lock wherever needed.

All elbows lock and unlock completely for an infinite number of positions - even under a 50 lb. load.


Adjustable Automatic Forearm Balance (AFB)

AFB compensates for the weight of the forearm and gives it a comfortable and natural-looking swing.

Compact Turntable

  • Turntable is so compact that the distal end of socket can be brought within 3cm of the elbow axis.
  • Ideal for long transhumeral and elbow disarticulation amputees.
  • Easy-access external humeral rotation friction adjustment can be set with a coin.


All ErgoArm elbows come in two sizes, 45mm and 50mm, and work in conjunction with Otto Bock 45mm and 50mm wrist units.

With the 13Z68 adapter it's easy to connect sockets built for other systems to ErgoArms.


 All ErgoArms are now available in 3 different colors.
  • The standard arm is similar to glove No. 4*
  • The =45-1 and =50-1 are similar to glove No. 11*
  • The =45-2 and =50-2 are similar to glove No. 15*


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