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Cooperative Care

“We felt like part of a team with patient care as the only agenda.” – Mick Crawford, CP, Capital O&P, Ohio

"Leaving here today I am very happy to be back on track. Great staff and you feel like a king with the one-on-one treatment. Not only did I get my leg taken care of, I feel like I made some friends for life in the Ottobock family.” – Mark, recent Cooperative Care patient

Ottobock Cooperative Care, our personalized consulting service, provides expert assistance for clinical fittings when you need it most. With our help, you can confidently work with and fit the types of patients you may not see frequently, such those with upper limb and hip amputations, complex orthotics, or especially challenging seating needs. It can also provide you with an additional resource when you are short staffed or time is of the essence.

Just as you might use the Ottobock Fabrication Center as an extension of your practice, you can also turn to Cooperative Care as an extension of your clinical services. We are ready to partner with you for any of your clinical needs for challenging or uncommon fittings. We are also here when you need extra clinical support, such as when you have a backlog of patients. Most importantly, you always maintain your relationship with your patient and demonstrate to referral sources that you can care for any patient and are up for any challenge.
Ottobock Cooperative Care is provided by our Professional and Clinical Services team. The team offers extensive field experience and knowledge of Ottobock components. Our team approach streamlines the fitting process to achieve the best possible outcomes for your patients. By working closely with a dedicated CPO, a case that could drag on for weeks or even months can be completed in a few short days.

Confidence and Convenience – Right in Your Office
Now, you have the convenience of having Ottobock’s clinical consulting service available right in your facility!  Let our Care Team develop a personalized care plan specifically for your patient. If you determine this is the best option for you and your patient, we will work with you to schedule a time for us to come out to you. Alternatively, you and your patient can take advantage of our world-class facilities in Salt Lake City.

When we visit your facility
  • Prior to our arrival, our staff communicates to you what supplies, staff, and tools will be needed for the fitting. Arrangements are made for our clinician to travel to your office. In this case, you will be charged an all-inclusive travel fee, and we strive to make things easy by making our own travel arrangements.
  • When we arrive for the appointment, we evaluate your patient to make sure the treatment plan is just right.
  • The device can either be fabricated by your technical team in-house or sent to the Ottobock Fabrication Center for fabrication.
  • As we fit the patient together, you receive training on the device which will help to support the patient and do other fittings as well as strengthen your relationship with your patient. We also encourage you to invite the patient’s therapist to participate in the fitting. This will help achieve the best outcome and build a stronger referral base.
  • After we depart, we are just a phone call or a webcam away for any assistance you or your patient might need.

Let’s get started
To get started, simply contact us at to receive a free, no-obligation, quote. While Cooperative Care involves a fee for service, requesting a quote does not obligate you to use our services. If you need information about our reimbursement offerings that are available, call us at 800 328 4058 or contact us online.

If you think Cooperative Care is the right solution for you and your patient, our Care Coordinator will have you complete the initial paperwork to provide your patient's information. An Ottobock Clinical Specialist will then reach out to you to discuss the best solution for the patient. Based on that discussion, we then create a quote packet, which includes a patient care plan, quote for product and services, as well as coding recommendations. Next, we set an appointment to visit your clinic or arrange you and your patient's travel to our Salt Lake City Cooperative Care center. Contact us and let Ottobock Cooperative Care provide our expert assistance when you need it most.