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Leckey Waistcoat

Positioning Support

Children, teens and adults often require the additional support of a harness in seating.

The Leckey Waistcoat fits onto almost any seating system and supports the trunk, shoulders and pelvis effectively and with dignity.

The Leckey Waistcoat can be used with wheelchair seating, indoor seating, or standers to provide circumferential positioning support of the thoracic with shoulder retraction for more upright positioning.

  • Comes in three separate sections: Main body, bib, and groin strap
  • Detachable bib is easily removed for cleaning
  • Two vertical and two horizontal straps keep waistcoat firmly in position
  • Velcro fastenings allo wasitcoatto be adjusted easily or removed quickly.
  • Strap extensions available for larger seats
  • Complexity: Moderate to Complex
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Technical Specifications
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13 Products found