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Leckey Sleepform System

Sleep comfortably and peacefully

The Sleepform System offers children ideal support at night. Sleepform permits the individual moulding of the support surface — whether your child lies on their back, belly or side. It also takes only a few steps for parents to adapt the corresponding vacuum mattress to the body contours of their child and to fix the mattress in place with a vacuum pump. The contoured support holds your child in a symmetrical position, even when muscle tone reduces at night. This helps in managing and reducing postures.

Support for the hips and trunk

The positioning focus of Sleepform is on the hips and trunk. The support surface can also be positioned so the head and arms are in an ideal position. The airflow mattress ensures good air circulation and a temperature that is pleasant for your child.

Posture system for children ages 0 - 18
Latex Free Positioning Mattress

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32 Products found
Sleepform Bag
Item #: 415S79=SK090
Therapist Assessement Kit (Sizes 1 - 4)
Item #: 414L79=17000
Includes chest/hip guides, leg/knee guides, air flow knee pillow, small & large knee rolls, air flow mattress, sleepform mattress, pump and sleepform bag.
Airflow Knee Pillow Size 1 & 2
Item #: 415S79=SK040
Size 1 & 2
Sleepform Kit Size 3
Item #: 414L79=13000
Includes Sleepform mattress, chest/hip guide, leg/knee guide, and air flow mattress.
Sleepform Kit Size 1
Item #: 414L79=11000
Includes Sleepform mattress, chest/hip guide, leg/knee guide, and air flow mattress.
Airflow Mattress Size 1&2
Item #: 415S79=SK010
Size 1 & 2, Must be used with the sleepform mattress
stand. equi. Sleepform Mattress Size 1-4
Item #: 415S79=SK030
Size 1 - 4, Pump, Bag
Knee Roll Large Size 3 & 4
Item #: 415S79=SK051
Large, Size 3 & 4
Airflow Mattress Size 3 & 4
Item #: 415S79=SK020
Size 3 & 4, Must be used with the sleepform mattress
Airflow Knee Pillow Size 3 & 4
Item #: 415S79=SK041
Size 3 & 4
32 Products found