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jessica sitting in park with obss wheelchair seating

Custom and OTS Seating

Every wheelchair user has a unique combination of requirements and priorities necessitating tailored wheelchair seating solutions, often mixing custom and off-the-shelf components. Among other factors, seating solutions should consider comfort, functional independence, safety, postural alignment and stability, muscle tone, and tissue tolerance.

Between our lines of custom, configured, and off-the-shelf seating solutions, we can work with you to meet the needs of any patient. See what is available by exploring categories to the left or browsing below.

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Technical Specifications - Seat Cushions
201 Products found
Wheelchair Pressure Mapping System
Item #: 428C00=00SF001
Standard Seat
Knob Release Back Clamp - 1"
Item #: 470C49=NT-KRBC88
7" Single Track Kit
Item #: 470C49=NT-TRK-7S
7/8" dia. X 2" Drop Hook
Item #: 470C49=NT-DH278
Black Cell-025G
Item #: 477C00=CPP25
Seat Tab
Item #: 471C49=NT-ST01
7/8" Horseshoe Clip
Item #: 470C49=NT-HS78
Miniature Back Fork - Left
Item #: 470C49=NT-MH0187-L
Back Fork, Short, Right Side
Item #: 471C49=NT00196-R
1" dia x 2" Drop Hook
Item #: 470C49=NT-DH288
J Hooks for Drop Base (set of 4)
Item #: 476C01=JHOOK
Adjustable drop seat, ā€œJā€ Hooks (for a drop seat ā€“ set of 4)
Back Fork, Short, Left Side
Item #: 471C49=NT00196-L
1" Horseshoe Clip
Item #: 471C49=NT-HS88
3/4" x 1 1/2" Band
Item #: 470C49=NT-HSB612-R
201 Products found