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Leckey Contoured Advance Seat

Modular, robust therapy seating system for children

The Contoured Advance Seat has been designed to offer a high level of contoured postural positioning and clinical benefits.

Standard Equipment:

  • Hi-Lo Base
  • Push Bar
  • Cushioned Armrests
  • Individually Adjustable Footplates
  • Multi-point Pelvic Strap
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56 Products found
Contoured Advance Seat, GasB, Sz1, MD
Item #: 414P84=12000-21
While inventory lasts
Locking Pin
Item #: 415D84=SK007
Flat High Back, Size 3
Item #: 415D84=SK022-09
Advance Seat Sandals Size 3
Item #: 415B84=PK030
Plastic Washer
Item #: 415A88=ST001
Contoured Advance Seat, Gas Base, Sz 3
Item #: 414P84=13000-09
While inventory lasts
Carriage Bolt, M8 x 65
Item #: 415B82=SK001
Contoured Advance Seat, Gas Base, Size 2
Item #: 414P84=12000-09
While inventory lasts
Thoracic Strap Size 2
Item #: 415K84=SK100
Trunk Support
Laterals Flat Headrest Size 1, MW
Item #: 415L84=SK015-21
Head Support
Flat Headrest Size 2
Item #: 415L84=SK020-09
Chest Harness Sz 1
Item #: 415K84=SK120
Trunk Support
Grab/Suspension Rail Size 1
Item #: 415Q84=SK010
Battery Plate
Item #: 415T84=SK006
Standard Parts-Kit
Item #: 415S84=SK099
Item #: 415S84=SK013
Left hand tray bar
Item #: 415S84=SK014
56 Products found