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OBSS seat

OBSS™ custom contoured seating

OBSS™ has been the trusted choice for custom carved cushions for more than 15 years. Now, the new Ortho-Shape gives you a second, light-weight shaped option with the same custom fit.

OBSS™ Tru-Shape and OBSS™ Ortho-Shape

  • Select your favorite – the traditional OBSS Tru-Shape (formerly OBSS) or the new OBSS Ortho-Shape in an ABS form
  • Experienced, responsive technicians personally follow your order from input through delivery
  • Clinical education and training helps you ensure the best outcomes for your patient
  • Quickly digitize your patient’s shape using CAD/CAM technology, then pick the best cushion option
  • Industry-leading fabrication speed and accuracy are customized to your preferences
  • No plaster cast mess, simply e-mail your client files electronically

Changing the Shape of Custom Seating

worker in fabrication centerWhether you chose the trusted OBSS Tru-Shape or the streamlined OBSS Ortho-Shape, your clients will benefit from a clinically-based seating solution. The form takes shape during the molding and digitizing process. The digitizing technology creates a 3-dimensional image that is easy to rotate and view precisely.

This new, lightweight seating system offers a unique blend of orthotic and seating approaches combined with the ease of digital ordering. The end result is especially appropriate for people with high positioning needs, and the system incorporates body alignment, pressure distribution, and well-appointed directional forces for postural control. The resulting low-profile seating solution helps provide the ultimate in support and freedom of movement.

Based on sound seating principles, your client’s shape is reproduced in ABS using high-temperature thermoplastics that are vacuum-formed to replicate the digital image you created. Liners are added to complete the system (two are standard and you can opt for up to four) to offer growth and greater adjustability to accommodate things like bulky winter clothing.

Minor modifications can be made at trial fit, however, little adaptation is required given the nature of the product design. Field modifications are also an option by:

  • Removing liners to accommodate growth.
  • Heating and reshaping the ABS shell and liners for postural changes.

Above all, OBSS Ortho-Shape is an effective postural control seating solution built on a foundation of strong evaluation techniques and a great mold.

To see Ortho-Shape for yourself, contact your Sales Rep for an assessment or inservice.

Sense™ 3D Scanner
man scanning custom seat mold
The industry’s leading custom seating system just got easier to use with new handheld scanners. The Sense™ 3D Scanner is cutting edge image capturing technology, which helps ensure that your patients’ seating systems are manufactured using the most current technology available. Because of that, the Sense 3D Scanner system is less prone to human error, and it could help you digitally capture molds up to 50% faster than with previous technology. Features include:

  • Auto-optimized settings
  • Multiple editing options
  • Versatile scanning range
  • No separate power source needed
  • No magnetic source needed

OBSS™ Tru-Shape (formerly OBSS)

OBSS has been the custom carved cushion of choice for nearly two decades, and the expertise shows in the finished product.

  • We offer the best in clinical education, including OBSS product training and comprehensive courses addressing pediatric and adult needs related to 24/7 positioning. Choose the convenience of online courses or the hands-on classroom experience.
  • We offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee in the US – ask your sales representative for details – to provide the comfort of a simple commitment.
  • We create a profile detailing your preferences and expectations to make sure we are delivering just what you requested – every time.
  • We strive to make Every Effort Count, in every conversation, every shipment, and every sales call, we want to make a difference for you and your patients.
  • Select our discovery tmax tilt-in-space base and get the convenience of one-invoice billing and a seating system that is set up to drop onto the mobility base.

Customizations like soft spots, unique hardware choices, and your pick of finishes mean you get a truly custom product designed exactly right for your patient. Based on sound seating principles and a thorough patient assessment, your clients’ shape is captured, digitized and reproduced in foam using a 5-axis carver. This process results in a high degree of precision and accuracy, uniquely defining complex contours. Pressure distribution and comfort are key benefits from OBSS Tru-Shape.

With two densities of foam, a solid mounting surface and a selection of cover options, it is easily adapted to several client populations. An optional trial fit allows you to further shape and refine contours to best suit your client’s needs.

Use OBSS Tru-Shape for your most involved clients who need a seating solution that offers postural integrity, pressure relief and comfort. Our Support Promise We know you’re busy providing patient care and fitting, and we’re committed to being more than a vendor. We want to partner with you, helping enhance your patient’s outcomes by providing clinical information, training, tools and technical support just when you need it.

Job Status

Go to our Central Fabrication OBSS Job Status Site

This protected site is accessible to all current OBSS customers. If you do not have a user name and password, or you have forgotten your user name/password, to access this site, please call Central Fabrication at 800 795 8846


OBSS Documents & Order Forms

Document Download
OBSS Digitizing Equipment Service and Loaner Policy  Download PDF | 0.06 MB
OBSS Fitting Equipment Order Form  Download PDF | 0.1 MB
OBSS 3D Scanner Brochure  Download PDF | 0.1 MB
OBSS Ortho-Shape / discovery tmax Order Form - U.S. Only  Download PDF | 0.5 MB
OBSS Tru-Shape Packages Order Form  Download PDF | 0.4 MB
OBSS Tru-Shape Itemized Order Form  Download PDF | 0.4 MB
Custom Seating Brochure  Download PDF | 3.5 MB
OBSS Hardware  Download PDF | 1.1 MB
OBSS Software Installation Guide  Download PDF | 0.3 MB
OBSS Instructions for Use Download PDF | 0.8 MB


Reimbursement Information

Custom Seating: Coding and Billing  Download PDF
Custom Seating: Reimbursement Guide  Download PDF
Custom Seating: Medicare Guide  Download PDF



OBSS education online more
Modifying Your OBSS Ortho-Shape  Download PDF | 0.4 MB
OBSS Cushion Human Volunteer Heat and Water Vapour Testing  Download PDF | 0.9 MB
Changing the Parting Angle of an OBSS Cushion  Download PDF | 0.2 MB
Changing Seat to Back Angle of an OBSS Cushion  Download PDF | 0.2 MB
Changing Overall Width of the OBSS Cushion  Download PDF | 0.2 MB
OBSS Custom Contoured Cushion Fabrication Updates  Download PDF | 0.1 MB