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worker with brace

Spinal Orthoses

As the originator of the Mechanical Advantage Pulley System used in most spinal orthoses available today, Ottobock’s unparalleled approach maximizes abdominal compression and provides the most effective braces available today.

64 Products found
Cybertech Option 3 AP/L, XL (60-3637-9N)
Item #: 50R218=3-XL
Universal LSO (T9-S1) with Lateral Control
Cybertech Option 1 AP, XL (60-3627-9N)
Item #: 50R218=1-XL
Universal LO (L1-S1)
Cybertech Option 2 AP+, XL (60-3631-9N)
Item #: 50R218=2-XL
Universal LSO (T9-S1)
Dorso Arexa
Item #: 28R140N
Hyperextension Support
Low Profile LSO
Item #: 50R151N
Classic LO (L1-S1)
Item #: 50R152N
Premium TLSO (T2-S1)
Fulcrum LSO
Item #: 50R153N
Premium LSO (T9-S1) with Lateral Control
Cybertech Pathway LS
Item #: 50R216
Premium LO (L1-S1)
Premium Plus
Item #: 50R210
Classic LSO (T9-S1)
Lumbo Carezza
Item #: 50R40
Specialty LSO (L1 – S1)
Lumbo Carezza High
Item #: 50R42
Specialty LSO (T9 – S1)
Cybertech Multi 627 (60-1627-9)
Item #: 50R319=627
Universal LO (L1-S1)
50R133 Short Chairback
Item #: 50R133
Classic LSO (T9-S1) with Lateral Control
Item #: 50R134
Classic LSO (T9 – S1)
Mac Plus
Item #: 50R137
Classic LSO (T9-S1)
64 Products found