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dyneva brace

Spinal Orthoses

As the originator of the Mechanical Advantage Pulley System used in most spinal orthoses available today, Ottobock’s unparalleled approach maximizes abdominal compression and provides the most effective braces available.

The latest innovation in spine technology is Dyneva – a solution for your patients suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis other than physical therapy, medication, or surgery.

Many patients struggle with concerns about their ability to go back to work and the impact on their everyday lives due to pain and discomfort. Because Dyneva extends the entire spinal column during movement, the orthosis gives patients a sense of security as it reduces pain and increases mobility.

94 Products found
Lumbo Direxa High
Item #: 50R52
Specialty LSO (T9 – S1)
Lumbo Direxa Women
Item #: 50R51
Specialty LSO (L1 – S1)
Lumbo Direxa
Item #: 50R50
Specialty LSO (L1 – S1)
7082=M, Rehband Blue line Back
Item #: 0708204333.
Neoprene 7mm
Postural Extension II (PEO-NB-1), S/M
Item #: 50R131N=1
Hyperextension Support
Postural Extension II (PEO-NB-2), L/XL
Item #: 50R131N=2
Hyperextension Support
7082=L, Rehband Blue line Back
Item #: 0708204443.
Neoprene 7mm
Option 3, XL (60-3637-9N)
Item #: 50R218N=3-XL
Universal LSO (T9-S1) with Lateral Control
OPTION, 1 (60-3627-9)
Item #: 50R218N=1
Universal LO (L1-S1)
OPTION, 3 (60-3637-9)
Item #: 50R218N=3
Universal LSO (T9-S1) with Lateral Control
OPTION, 2 (60-3631-9)
Item #: 50R218N=2
Universal LSO (T9-S1)
7082=S, Rehband Blue line Back
Item #: 0708204223.
Neoprene 7mm
Active Back Support, Grey, S/M
Item #: 0690204222.
Polyamide, Polyester, Elastane, Plastic splints
94 Products found