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worker with brace

Spinal Orthoses

As the originator of the Mechanical Advantage Pulley System used in most spinal orthoses available today, Ottobock’s unparalleled approach maximizes abdominal compression and provides the most effective braces available today.

71 Products found
Cybertech Flex Power Plus LP
Item #: 50R145N
Classic LO (L1-S1)
"Original Cybertech Low Pro 8"" (LOW-S03
Item #: 50R144N
Mechanical Advantage Corset
Cybertech Short Chairback LP
Item #: 50R133N
Classic LSO (T9-S1) with Lateral Control
Cybertech S.P.I.N.E. Brace
Item #: 50R147N
Mechanical Advantage Corset
Mechanical Advantage Corset
Item #: 50R148N
Mechanical Advantage Corset
Cybertech SPINE Sport (OM500)
Item #: 50R142N
Medical Advantage Corset
Multi 637
Item #: 50R319N=637
Multi 627
Item #: 50R319N=627
71 Products found