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playing with child while wearing brace


For more than nine decades, our mission has been to restore and improve independence for people with mobility challenges. Our extensive line of off-the-shelf bracing solutions greatly extend the options available for helping your patients with their mobility, whether it's post-injury, post-surgery, or for everyday support.

In addition to being the leading manufacturer of off-the-shelf spinal support, we also provide effective off-the-shelf orthotics for cervical, foot, knee, and shoulder applications. To see for yourself, explore the categories to the left or start browsing below.

973 Products found
WalkOn Reaction Ankle Foot Orthosis
Item #: 28U24
Anteriorly-placed calf cuff and a longer strut
Wrist Support
Item #: 9010=U
Telescoping Post-Op Brace,Premium
Item #: 50K205
Range of Motion Knee Brace
Mortons Extension-Contoured-Left-Firm
Item #: SL=ME-CL-F
Left 20 cm contoured firm stiffness Morton Extension
Dorsal Night Splint,S/M
Item #: 50S22=S/M
Dorsal Plantar Fasciitis Support
Malleo Immobil Night Splint,L
Item #: 50S20-1=L
Posterior Plantar Fasciitis Support
Tubingen Hip Abduction Orthosis,S
Item #: 28L10=S
Pediatric Hip Abduction Brace
WalkOn AFO
Item #: 28U11=K
Dynamic performance AFO
Mortons Ext. Long-Flat-Med
Item #: SL=MEL-F-M
Right or left 25.5 cm flat medium stiffness Morton Extension
Mortons Extension-Flat-Firm
Item #: SL=ME-F-F
Right 20 cm contoured firm stiffness Morton Extension
Hip Abduction Orthosis
Item #: 28L20
Pediatric Hip Abduction Brace
Mortons Extension-Contoured-Right-Med
Item #: SL=ME-CR-M
Right 20 cm contoured medium stiffness Morton Extension
Walk On Flex
Item #: 28U22
For light to moderate foot drop
OMO Immobil Sling,M
Item #: 50A8=M
Shoulder Immobilizer
Tubingen Hip Abduction Orthosis,M
Item #: 28L10=M
Pediatric Hip Abduction Brace
973 Products found