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catching child on slide while wearing c-brace


Combining real-time gait analysis, the energy redistributing properties of carbon fiber, and the ability of software to customize joint response creates the ideal solution for your patient. C-Brace doesn’t walk for your patient: it helps normalize gait, freeing your patient to ambulate to his or her full potential.

With a highly detailed fitting process facilitated by Ottobock clinical staff, we can work with you and your patient to develop an ideal solution for mobility issues stemming from partial paralysis, incomplete spinal cord injury, post-polio syndrome, quadriceps weakness, and post-stroke.

C-Brace Resource Center

Because each C-Brace is custom made and designed for specific indications, there are multiple steps an Orthotist must take in evaluating and fitting a potential candidate. The documentation provided in the following tabs will help you navigate the process in coordination with your Ottobock Sales Representative and clinical staff.

CPO Info

C-Brace clinician training Watch online
C-Brace clinician training exam Link
C-Brace PT trainingWatch online
Video playlist: Trial tool fitting and setup
Watch online
Video: Patient using trial tool in parallel barsWatch online
Presentation: Trial tool fitting DownloadPDF
Video: Casting refresher Watch online
Presentation: Casting using fiberglass DownloadPDF
Video: Check orthosis fitting and LASAR Watch online
Video: C-Soft settings refresher Watch online
Video: Physical Therapy and gait training playlist Watch online
Qualified Clinician Instructions for Use DownloadPDF
Qualified Clinician Quick Reference DownloadPDF
User Instructions for Use DownloadPDF
User Quick Reference DownloadPDF
PT user training document DownloadPDF
Warranty DownloadPDF
Software and drive download instructions DownloadPDF
Casting procedure checklist DownloadPDF
Check Orthosis checklist DownloadPDF
Definitive Fitting checklist DownloadPDF
C-Brace Evaluation IntroDownloadPDF
Eval Form Part A DownloadPDF
Eval Form Part B DownloadPDF
Eval Fax Cover PageDownloadPDF
Order Form DownloadPDF
PT/Physician Info

C-Brace PT TrainingWatch online
Video: Physical Therapy and gait training playlist Watch online
Gait Training and Therapy guide DownloadPDF
C-Brace Whitepaper DownloadPDF
C-Brace Physician Quick Reference Guide DownloadPDF

Product Brochures and Background Information
C-Brace Brochure DownloadPDF
KAFO Family Brochure DownloadPDF
Stance control comparison chart DownloadPDF
C-Brace Patient Reference Guide DownloadPDF
C-Brace Case Story: Brian DownloadPDF

After a patient has been determined to be a good candidate for C-Brace, you can begin looking at Reimbursement options. In addition to using the guide below, you can reach our Reimbursement team at with questions.

Clinical Evidence
C-Brace Clinical Evidence Summary DownloadPDF
C-Brace White Paper DownloadPDF
Research Report: ADLs with the C-Brace compared to locked KAFOs and SCO DownloadPDF
KAFO Evidence Summary DownloadPDF
Reimbursement Toolkits
C-Brace Reimbursement Starter PacketDownloadPDF
Reimbursement Reference Guide DownloadPDF
Coding and Billing Tips DownloadPDF
C-Brace Justification (Orthotist) DownloadPDF
C-Brace Justification (Physician) DownloadPDF
Eval/Order Forms

Evaluation and Order Forms
C-Brace Evaluation IntroDownloadPDF
Evaluation Form Part A DownloadPDF
Eval Form Part B DownloadPDF
Eval Fax Cover PageDownloadPDF
Order Form DownloadPDF
7 Products found
7 Products found