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man on golf course with freewalk KAFO

Custom Orthotics

From joints and functional components to complete KAFO and AFO systems (including our revolutionary electronic C-Brace), Ottobock custom orthotics span a range of solutions you can rely on to fit your patients and their needs, no matter how complex.

Whether you are handling fabrication on your own or working with our Services team, we have everything you need to get started. Browse the categories at the left, or explore our product categories below to see for yourself. We also provide order forms online for custom fabrication.
694 Products found
Ring Lock Kn.Jt.for Child
Item #: 17K29=4
with ring lock, flat bar profile
Hip Joint
Item #: 17H32=L
Free-moving hip joint
Lim.Mot.Knee Joint f.Child
Item #: 17K32=4
Knee joint extension stop can be adjusted by filing, flat bar profile, no posterior placement
Bionic Link PC
Item #: 60X5
Hip Joint for Children
Item #: 17H28=R5
Locked hip joint with ring lock
Light Metal Profile Bar Aluminium
Item #: 605P8=20
Joint bar system for medial support
WalkOn Reaction Ankle Foot Orthosis
Item #: 28U24
Anteriorly-placed calf cuff and a longer strut
Free Walk Orthosis, Kit, Black
Item #: 170K1=R-80-OBA-7
Lightweight, superbly stable stance control KAFO
Prosthetic Polycentric Med. Duty Jt's
Item #: 7U10
Medium duty orthopedic steel knee joint bar
Hip Joint for Derotat.Orthotics
Item #: 17H23=L
Hip joint bar
Item #: 757L16-2
Otto Bock Free Walk, Kit, Beige
Item #: 170K1=R-120-OBA-0
Lightweight, superbly stable stance control KAFO
Prosthetic Light Duty Stainless Steel
Item #: 7U54
Light duty stainless steel knee joint bar
Unilateral Knee Joint
Item #: 17LK3=L12
Stainless steel system knee joint with wedge lock
Item #: 60X7
694 Products found