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Hamed’s Genium story

As a prosthetist, Hamed knows the importance of an advanced prosthetic leg. He depends on the Genium prosthetic leg to keep up with his busy schedule.

Ali’s Genium story

With her Genium microprocessor knee, Ali continues to coach and compete in power lifting while also spending time on her art and on relaxing outdoors with her fiancé and her dog.

Josh’s DynamicArm story

With the DynamicArm above-elbow system, Josh continues his legal endeavors while also remaining highly involved in athletics.

Ellen’s C-Leg story

As a medical social worker, Ellen's life gets hectic. Ellen's C-Leg prosthetic knee gives her the confidence and comfort to take on the challenges of her everyday life.

Sjaak’s Michelangelo story

With the Michelangelo prosthetic hand and its electrically-positionable thumb, seven grip types and an oval, flexible wrist, Sjaak is back to work—and about to get married.

Brad’s Genium story

As a prosthetist himself, Brad has a unique perspective when it comes to wearing Microprocessor controlled knees—and on living a rich, full life.

Matt’s Genium story

Dr. Matt Bradley is a general orthopedist whose incredible energy, along with the great support he's gotten from the Ottobock C-Leg and Genium prostheses, have helped make it all possible.

Sherri’s DynamicArm story

Sherri doesn't slow down with her DynamicArm above-elbow system. She depends on her upper limb prosthesis to help in the activities she loves.

Dale’s Michelangelo story

Dale discusses why the Michelangelo hand was the right choice for him. The Michelangelo hand has given Dale the confidence he needs everyday.

Quentin’s Harmony story

With the help of his Triton Harmony prosthesis, Quentin continues boxing while also spending much-valued time with his family.

Kevin’s C-Leg story

As a police sergeant, Kevin uses the C-Leg microprocessor knee to keep up with his everyday tasks.

Markus’ Michelangelo story

From bee-keeping to biking, Markus enjoys spending time outdoors. His Michelangelo below-elbow system helps him in his active lifestyle.

Neil’s Harmony story

Neil returns to serving his community as a volunteer firefighter with the help of his two Harmony below-knee prostheses.

Jon’s C-Leg story

Jon‘s C-Leg prosthetic leg has helped him get back to his everyday life. His C-Leg microprocessor knee allows him to keep up with his family and his business.

John’s fitness prosthesis story

From the running on the beach to sprinting on the track, John is able to stay in shape with his 3S80 Fitness Knee.

Vanessa’s Genium story

When Vanessa is not working as a free-lance journalist, she is spending time outdoors and with friends and family. Her Genium prosthetic leg helps her stay active.

Kent’s C-Leg story

An artist and graduate student, Kent depends on his C-Leg prosthetic leg to walk the steep slopes and busy streets of San Francisco.

Joe’s Genium story

After a long battle with his insurance company, Joe was able to get the Genium microprocessor knee he needed in order to get back to work as an EMT.

Carsten’s Harmony story

With his busy schedule, Carsten doesn’t have time to worry about mobility. With his Harmony below knee vacuum system he is able to run, climb, and sail.

Chandler’s Helix story

See the difference the Helix Hip makes for Chandler and Bob, who walk (hike, ski and more) without worrying about stumbling.