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8 Products found
Delrin KISS Kit
Item #: 4R160=1
Lanyard-style socket suspension systems laminated into socket
4-Hole Endoskeletal KISS Kit
Item #: 4R160=2
Lanyard-style socket suspension systems with anti-rotation for transfemoral applications
Shuttle Lock with Adjustment Screw
Item #: 6A20=20
A shuttle lock with a pyramid receiver ideal for longer residual limbs
Shuttle Lock for O.B. Conventional Liner
Item #: 6A30=10N
Shuttle lock best fitted with patients who have a muscle contracted joint or an unusual alignment line.
Shuttle Lock with Plastic Housing
Item #: 6A30=20N
Lightweight water-resistant plastic shuttle lock ideal for patients with contracted joints or atypical alignment lines
MagnoFlex Lock - US Version
Item #: 6A40=US
Shuttle lock with innovative magnetic pin guide
8 Products found