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236 Products found
Harmony E2
Item #: 4R152
Skeo 3D (TT/BK)
Item #: 6Y77
Anatomy Specific Geometry with built in knee flexion and added thickness where needed
Harmony P2
Item #: 4R144
Harmony P3
Item #: 4R147=K
Harmony HD
Item #: 4R150
Basic TPE Liner
Item #: 6Y90
Locking liner with non-sticky mineral oil gel and distal no-stretch matrix
3R60 Vacuum
Item #: 3R60=VC
Delrin KISS Kit
Item #: 4R160=1
Lanyard-style socket suspension systems laminated into socket
4-Hole Endoskeletal KISS Kit
Item #: 4R160=2
Lanyard-style socket suspension systems with anti-rotation for transfemoral applications
Skeo (TT/BK)
Item #: 6Y42
Silicone liner with a textile cover that makes it easy to put on and take off.
Derma Seal Gel Sock
Item #: 453D7=K
Derma ProFlex short
Item #: 453A4=K
1/4" Spacer Plate (Bronze)
Item #: 4Y302=1/4-10
Medium Sock w/ Hole
Item #: 451F18=1
Click Valve
Item #: 21Y21
Valve closure system with the audible “click” that confirms proper positioning
Shuttle Lock, Pyramid
Item #: 6A20=30
Shuttle lock with pyramid that works like the 6A20=10, except it features a smooth pin
236 Products found