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DVS-Dynamic Vacuum System

Get into vacuum with a 20% discount off your price of DVS pumps.* Then get your patients into the new 6Y94 DVS partial covered liner.

DVS pump.

New 6Y94 dual gel partial covered liner

The new partial covered 6Y94=*-F DVS liner has soft TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) gel layer on the inside with partially exposed silicone layer on the outside for improved sealing and durability. The liner is thicker anterior for protection in boney areas and thinner posterior for ease of flexion and less bunching behind the knee. There is also extra fabric that can be reflected over socket edge for added sleeve protection.

Available in 5 sizes – S, M, MP, L, LP, XL

The 6Y94 DVS liner connects magnetically to the 4R220 DVS pump and a knee sleeve is used to seal the system. Vacuum is generated during walking and this elevated vacuum is maintained in both swing and stance phase as opposed to passive systems such as a one way valve that only generate suction during swing phase. This gives the user enhanced control and fit during all phases.

Integrating innovative design with simplicity, the Dynamic Vacuum reduces the movement between the limb and socket associated with limb volume fluctuations.

The Dynamic Vacuum (DVS) is bridging the gap between valve and Harmony socket technology for transtibial fittings.

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*U.S. Only. Specific terms and conditions apply. 20% additional discount to your purchase price of the 4R220 and 4R220=1 DVS pumps. Valid from 10/1/18-12/31/18.
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