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Item #: 4R10=111
Self-aligning component for easy removal or changing of prosthetic feet.
Rotation adapter
Item #: 4R57=WR
Waterproof above-the-knee adapter that allows the flexed lower leg to be easily rotated out of the way.
Uneo 3D
Item #: 6Y512
Polyurethane liner provides even pressure distribution and a precise, comfortable fit for below-knee fittings.
Skeo 3D (TT/BK)
Item #: 6Y78
Locking liner with built in knee flexion and added thickness over bony prominences, with Skinguard antibacterial for reduced odors.
Skeo 3D (TF/AK)
Item #: 6Y88
Locking liner with unique shape to better fit the TF limb with full length no stretch matrix and is KISS suspension ready, with Skinguard Antibacterial for reduced odors.
Liner – Dynamic Vacuum
Item #: 6Y94
Partial covered liner for use with 4R220 DVS Dynamic Vacuum System.
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Fabrication Services
Item #: Fabrication
Lower Limb TF Solution
Item #: K2TFKIT
Receive an additional 10% off when ordering this solution
Lower Limb TT Solution
Item #: K2TTKIT
Receive an additional 10% off when ordering this solution
13 Products found