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markus cooking with michelangelo hand

Axon Bus System

Our wide range of high-quality, technologically advanced upper-limb prosthetic components help you provide a solution for nearly every application and level of amputation.

Since pioneering the use of myoelectric systems, Ottobock has led the way in upper limb advancements. Our portfolio includes the natural looking design and intuitive function of the Michelangelo AxonBus Prosthetic System.

Michelangelo is complemented by additional functionality of products like the AxonRotator and AxonHook.

21 Products found
Axon-Bus® Prosthetic System
Item #: 8K5000
Axon-Bus System with Michelangelo Hand
AxonRotation Adapter – Passive Rotation
Item #: 9S501
Passive Rotation unit for the Michelangelo hand
AxonArm Ergo
Item #: 12K501=M-1
Color number 11.
AxonArm Ergo
Item #: 12K501=M-2
Color number 15.
AxonArm Ergo
Item #: 12K501=M
Color number 4.
AxonSkin Natural
Item #: 8S502
Women's Glove
AxonSkin Natural
Item #: 8S501
Men's Glove
AxonRotation – Active Rotation
Item #: 9S503
Active Rotation unit for the Michelangelo hand.
21 Products found