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man playing basketball with brace

Foot and Ankle Orthoses

Our Clinical Excellence Circle, comprised of physicians, orthotists, and practitioners, are just as committed as we are to seeing people live lives with as much mobility as possible.

Through our partnership, we have developed several functional foot and ankle products designed to meet individual therapy requirements of practitioners and patients.
322 Products found
Walk On Flex
Item #: 28U22
For light to moderate foot drop
WalkOn Reaction Ankle Foot Orthosis
Item #: 28U24
Anteriorly-placed calf cuff and a longer strut
Mortons Ext. Long-Contoured-Right-Med
Item #: SL=MEL-CR-M
Right 25.5 cm contoured medium stiffness Morton Extension
Mortons Ext. Long-Flat-Firm
Item #: SL=MEL-F-F
Right or left 25.5 cm flat firm stiffness Morton Extension
Malleo Arexa,L
Item #: 7772=L
Hinged Ankle Brace
Malleo Immobil Night Splint,M
Item #: 50S20-1=M
Posterior Plantar Fasciitis Support
Mortons Ext. Long-Contoured-Left-Med
Item #: SL=MEL-CL-M
Left 25.5 cm contoured medium stiffness Morton Extension
Mortons Extension-Contoured-Left-Firm
Item #: SL=ME-CL-F
Left 20 cm contoured firm stiffness Morton Extension
Dorsal Night Splint,S/M
Item #: 50S22=S/M
Dorsal Plantar Fasciitis Support
Malleo Immobil Night Splint,L
Item #: 50S20-1=L
Posterior Plantar Fasciitis Support
WalkOn AFO
Item #: 28U11=K
Dynamic performance AFO
Mortons Extension-Flat-Med
Item #: SL=ME-F-M
Right or left 20 cm flat medium stiffness Morton Extension
322 Products found