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Mechanical Knees

AFO - Ankle Foot Orthosis

Lightweight, durable stabilization

Ottobock’s family of AFOs covers a range of products from advanced, carbon fiber options such as WalkOn to time-tested ankle joints for custom fabrication. You’ll find the full WalkOn family, including the Flex, Trimmable, Reaction, and Reactionplus. Our ankle joints provide locking options for advanced stabilization, free-motion functions, and even waterproof features. 

313 Products found
WalkOn Reaction Ankle Foot Orthosis
Item #: 28U24
Anteriorly-placed calf cuff and a longer strut
Walk On Flex
Item #: 28U22
For light to moderate foot drop
WalkOn AFO
Item #: 28U11=K
Dynamic performance AFO
WalkOn Reaction Plus
Item #: 28U25
Includes WalkOn Reaction junior
Ankle Joint for Children
Item #: 17F34=6
Forged foot stirrup, flat bar profile, fixed joint, upper sections and foot stirrup
System-Toe Pick-up Ank.Jt.
Item #: 17B53=16
Stainless steel Contoured medial and lateral joints, with compression spring
Ankle Joint -Stainl.Steel-
Item #: 17F24=2
Forged foot stirrup, fixed joint, upper sections and foot stirrup
Mortons Ext. Long-Contoured-Right-Firm
Item #: SL=MEL-CR-F
Right 25.5 cm contoured firm stiffness Morton Extension
Ankle Joint -Stainl.Steel-
Item #: 17F24=4
Forged foot stirrup, fixed joint, upper sections and foot stirrup
Toe Pick-up Ank.Jt.-Child
Item #: 17F47=6
Ankle joints and foot stirrups (stainless steel), side bars (aluminium)
System-Limit Mot Ankle Jt.
Item #: 17B62=20
Contoured medial joint, straight lateral joint
Lim Mot Ankle Jt for Child
Item #: 17F46=6
Stainless steel ankle joints and foot stirrups, light metal side bars
Mortons Ext. Long-Contoured-Left-Med
Item #: SL=MEL-CL-M
Left 25.5 cm contoured medium stiffness Morton Extension
Aqualine orthotic ankle joint
Item #: 17PA1=20-WR
Waterproof CarbonIQ ankle joint
Ankle Joint
Item #: 17F65=5
Ankle joints titanium, foot stirrups stainless steel
313 Products found