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Ottobock is the only company to offer liners made from three different materials – silicone, polyurethane, and copolymer – to give you maximum flexibility in finding the right solution for your patient. These materials perform differently depending upon your patient’s lifestyle and activity.

We are also able to incorporate unique solutions such as anti-bacterial properties to help maintain skin health and minimize odor and skin-friendly oils to help maintain the patient’s skin integrity. Take a closer look at the solutions available by using the categories to the left or browsing below.

24 Products found
Uneo 3D
Item #: 6Y512
Polyurethane liner provides even pressure distribution and a precise, comfortable fit for below-knee fittings.
Skeo Skinguard (TT/BK)
Item #: 6Y75=K
Same features as 6Y70 Skeo silicone locking liner plus Skinguard antibacterial protection
Skeo 3D (TT/BK)
Item #: 6Y78
Locking liner with built in knee flexion and added thickness over bony prominences, with Skinguard antibacterial for reduced odors.
Skeo Skinguard (TF/AK)
Item #: 6Y85
With Antibacterial properties that improve hygiene and reduce odors
Skeo 3D (TF/AK)
Item #: 6Y88
Locking liner with unique shape to better fit the TF limb with full length no stretch matrix and is KISS suspension ready, with Skinguard Antibacterial for reduced odors.
Item #: 6Y90
Locking liner with non-sticky mineral oil gel and distal no-stretch matrix
Item #: 6Y92=K
Cushion liner with non-sticky mineral oil gel
Caleo 3D
Item #: 6Y93
Ultra skin-friendly and easy to use liner option for low to medium activity transtibial amputees
Liner – Dynamic Vacuum
Item #: 6Y94
Partial covered liner for use with 4R220 DVS Dynamic Vacuum System.
Uneo Unique (Custom TT/BK)
Item #: 6Y400
Custom PUR liner from cast and measurement form.
ProSeal SIL Liner
Item #: 6Y81
Special, durable silicone liner for transfemoral vacuum socket fittings
Item #: 6Y520
A simple and effective liner made from skin-friendly polyurethane.
Item #: 6Y522
Cushion liner without cover.
Uneo / Uneo Skinguard
Item #: 6Y523
With textile cover
Skeo (TT/BK)
Item #: 6Y42
Silicone liner with a textile cover that makes it easy to put on and take off.
Skeo Pure (TT/BK)
Item #: 6Y43
Transparent “Liner with a View” to monitor fit and skin condition
Skeo 3D (TT/BK)
Item #: 6Y77
NEW! The 6Y77 is UPGRADING to 6Y78 to include Skinguard antibacterial additive
Skeo (TF/AK)
Item #: 6Y80
Transfemoral locking liner.
Skeo (TT/BK)
Item #: 6Y70
Silicone liner featuring distal connection; without Skinguard Technology
Skeo 3D (TF/AK)
Item #: 6Y87
NEW! The 6Y87 is UPGRADING to 6Y88 to include Skinguard antibacterial additive
Caleo 3D
Item #: 6Y95
TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) liner with firmer gel for more active users.
24 Products found