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Upper Limb Prosthetics

Since pioneering the use of myoelectric systems, Ottobock has led the way in upper limb advancements.

Our upper limb prosthetics span multiple technologies and applications to fit your patient's priorities and functional needs: myoelectric to body power, cosmetic silicone to hybrid.

Browse our products using the categories to the left or explore the items below to begin putting together a solution. You can also find our order forms online for custom orders and fabrication.

366 Products found
System Electric Hand Digital Twin®
Item #: 8E41=7
With threaded stud wrist connection
SensorHand Speed
Item #: 8E41=8
With threaded stud wrist connection
DynamicArm Plus
Item #: 12K110N=45
Color number 4. For size 45 mm lamination ring.
Steel Cable
Item #: 651D4=2
Item #: 710H4=3
Item #: 710H4=6
Suction Socket Electrode
Item #: 13E202=50
13E202=50 is not for North American use
Tapered Cutter, HSS
Item #: 726W9=30
Cable Seal
Item #: 9E388
Below-Elbow Harness
Item #: 21A36=1
MyoHand VariPlus Speed
Item #: 8E38=9
With quick disconnect wrist
Battery Receptacle (MyoBoy)
Item #: 757Z185=2
Color 4 for large Li-Ion battery - without locking lever
Sleeve Protector
Item #: 15Y1=18
Otto Bock EnergyPack
Item #: 757B20
Color 4
Item #: 514Z3=25
366 Products found