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TT and TF Solutionspatient with k2 prosthesis

Take advantage of a range of K1 and K2 solutions.

Dive into the deepest range of K1, K2 options in the industry to find the right solution for your patient. Choose from products like the 3R62=N for its advanced stance flexion your patients can trust. The knee’s aggressive extension assist helps position your patient’s limb for stable walking. If your patients are more limited or would benefit more from a single-axis knee, the 3R90 and 3R93 are brake knees with some stance flexion and an extension assist. The 3R93 also includes an optional lock to assist patients who need higher levels of stability or temporary support during the therapy process.

Our K1 and K2 feet include products with the highest weight limits in our portfolio so you can feel confident that you’ll find robust yet lightweight solutions for your patients. The 1C11 Terion can support patient weighing up to 385 lbs and the 1D10 is weight rated to 330 lbs. Other features of the 1C11 include a split-toe design for valuable terrain compliance and a sandal toe to give your patients more flexibility in footwear. Additionally, the 1M10 Adjust includes simple heel stiffness adjustments so you can customize heel stiffness to encourage knee flexion.

Tap into the extensive lower mobility portfolio Ottobock has to offer to provide your patients with the best possible solution.

38 Products found
K1 - K2 Lower Limb TF Solution
Item #: K2TFKIT
Receive an additional 10% off when ordering this solution
K1 - K2 Lower Limb TT Solution
Item #: K2TTKIT
Receive an additional 10% off when ordering this solution
Item #: 1S101
SACH+ Foot
Item #: 1S102
Skeo Skinguard (TF/AK)
Item #: 6Y85
With Antibacterial properties that improve hygiene and reduce odors
Balance TPE Liner
Item #: 6Y93
Ultra skin-friendly and easy to use liner option for low to medium activity transtibial amputees
TPE Liner
Item #: 6Y92=K
Cushion liner with non-sticky mineral oil gel
Delrin KISS Kit
Item #: 4R160=1
Lanyard-style socket suspension systems laminated into socket
One-Way Valve
Item #: 4R140
One-way valve ideal for the fabrication of vacuum socket systems
V4 Valve Kit
Item #: 4R136
Click Valve
Item #: 21Y21
Valve closure system with the audible “click” that confirms proper positioning
Derma ProFlex short
Item #: 453A4=K
38 Products found