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New Products

Ottobock has a long history of developing exceptional prosthetic devices with advanced technology that provide superior performance and durability for every patient need and activity level.

Dedication to pioneering technology and innovative prosthetic design in new and future products will continue to empower patients to reclaim and improve their independence.

8 Products found
Item #: 4R10=111
Self-aligning component for easy removal or changing of prosthetic feet.
Rotation adapter
Item #: 4R57=WR
Waterproof above-the-knee adapter that allows the flexed lower leg to be easily rotated out of the way.
Liner – Dynamic Vacuum
Item #: 6Y94
Partial covered liner for use with 4R220 DVS Dynamic Vacuum System.
Skeo 3D (TF/AK)
Item #: 6Y88
Locking liner with unique shape to better fit the TF limb with full length no stretch matrix and is KISS suspension ready, with Skinguard Antibacterial for reduced odors.
Skeo 3D (TT/BK)
Item #: 6Y78
Locking liner with built in knee flexion and added thickness over bony prominences, with Skinguard antibacterial for reduced odors.
Uneo 3D
Item #: 6Y512
Polyurethane liner provides even pressure distribution and a precise, comfortable fit for below-knee fittings.
8 Products found